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A while back I listened to a talk with psychologist Dr. Joe Dispenza. I thought it was an amazing and simple mind exercise to reprogram the way you think. I also think that it's especially beneficial for us in renewing our minds. Hope you like it too.

"People normally get up in the morning and check their cellphone, they check their text, their WhatsApp, their Facebook, they post something on Facebook, they drive to work the same day, they do the same things, so they’re in a program. They’ve actually lost their free will to the program.

So how do we change this destructive behavior.

Number 1: Start your day with the simple question: “What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?”

You ask yourself that question, and your body is going to go 'well, I got to get a cup of coffee, I’m tired.' But you got to say, 'No body, you’re not the mind. I’m the mind right now. You’re going to sit here, I’m going to feed you. You’re going to get your coffee, you are going to do all those things but right now, this is my time and you are going to obey me."

So now, the body is no longer the mind. You’re the mind. So when your body wants to dictate to you, you become aware of it, and turn it back to the present moment. Every time you do that, it’s a victory. And you’re changing some aspect of yourself. Practice this. Write down 4 negative thoughts that you’re going to stay conscious of the whole day, such as “I can’t” “It’s too hard”… You’d be surprised the moment you become conscious of what those thoughts are, how unconscious you’ve been using them all day, for weeks on end.

Write down what you speak, how you speak, 4 things you want to change. How do you act? Do you complain, do you blame, do you make excuses, do you feel sorry for yourself? That’s a victim consciousness. What emotions do you live by? Is it possible that you’re so used to living by guilt that you don’t even know it’s guilt and it just feel like you? Do you allow your energy to drop?

Become conscious of those states of the mind and body. And review them and say: “This is the old self.”

Then say: “What thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain?” And start firing and wiring and start feeling it. What behaviors will I demonstrate today? What choices will I make? One day, one lifetime and just like you did, rehearse them! Rehearse the whole entire thing. Begin to install the neurological hardware in your brain and if you keep installing it, the hardware is going to become a software program. And you’re going to start to think and act in that way.

And then here’s the tough part: can you teach your body emotionally what your future is going to feel like before it’s made manifest? And don’t give up until you feel that way.

Now, practice that for a few days. And then see if you can stay in that state and watch all of a sudden all those weird doors start opening for you. Synchronicities is what they are.

Number 2: take some time at the end of your day. The end of your day, before you lay down and give thanks for your life and feel gratitude. And really teach your body what it feels like. The emotional signature of gratitude that you feel when you’re getting something. If I give you something that’s of value, you would say: “Thank you” because you would feel grateful,, right?

So when you’re receiving, you’re giving thanks. So gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. So then people only accept, believe and surrender to the thoughts equal to their emotional state. So if you’re in a state of gratitude, every grateful thought is going to make it right down into your body.

If you’re saying “I’m healthy, I’m healthy, I’m healthy, I’m wealthy, I’m wealthy, I’m wealthy…” and your body is programmed to negativity, it’s saying “No, you’re not. No, you’re not. No you’re not…”. The thoughts are going to stop right there. So you elevate your state. There are about 1200 different chemical reactions that go on in the body that begin to restore and repair the body in a state of gratitude and so we’ve done the research to prove that. Sit for 10 minutes and just feel gratitude with all of your heart. That’s it.

Number 3: and very important. Become conscious of your space. Whenever it is. Sit down and close your eyes and begin to just open your awareness to the space around you and just sense it and pay attention to it and become more aware of it. The act of opening your awareness begins to reduce the stress hormones and creates more coherent brain wave states. Its called peace."

It’s just a practice. And the more you do it, the better you get at it.


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