September 1, 2014

     Are you one of those people who can come up with a great idea, make

exciting plans, and execute those plans with enthusiasm... only to FAIL,

QUIT, STOP, or GIVE UP, because of opposition from others, lack of

participation, or an overwhelming sense of incompetence? Does that

sound like you... or someone you know?


Listen, if you do not learn the power of persistence, you will never

complete the project. If you do not learn to persist, you will not overcome

the attacks of opposition. If you do not persist, you will not press past the

negative opinions of others.


A fifteen-year-old boy was cut from his high school varsity sophomore

basketball team. Despondent, he went home, locked himself in his room

and cried. You've heard of him: super star basketball player Michael

Jordan, who kept working at his basketball skills, and who said, " I've failed

over and over in my life. That's why I succeed."


Napoleon Hill, the great motivational teacher and writer, who made a

careful study of how successful people think, said, "Most great people

have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest



A young man was fired from his newspaper job. His bosses told him

that he "lacked imagination and had no original ideas". Later on the young

man had a crazy, never-before-attempted entertainment idea and took his

business proposal to over fifty banks. He was turned down by all but the

last bank. That young man was Walt Disney.


You too, have a wonderful vision and a powerful plan that will help so

many! You're inspired and excited to see it come to fruition. But, already

you're experiencing unexpected setbacks and challenges. You've been 

disappointed by people who promised their support and didn’t show; People

that swore they would be with you and didn’t stick it out! 

But, please know that God is with you! And whatever weapon that is

formed against you...will not prevail! In fact, your opposition will serve as 

your gauge for success. You must persist until you succeed!


There are three kinds of fear that will keep you from being persistence.

The fear of failure, fear of faces, and fear of the future.


1. Fear of failure will cause you to resist necessary changes because

of personal insecurities. Persistence says, if I fail, I will get back up



again... with more!... More knowledge, more experience, more faith!


2. Fear of faces will keep you from putting your foot down when you're

being attacked by well-meaning people, or adversarial critics. Persistence

says your opinion is your business, not mine. You can't see what I see.


3. Fear of the future will keep you feeling like time is running out.

These feeling are serviced by the negative words of the enemy.

Persistence says it's never too late! Persist until you succeed! The word

'until' means to a point in time or an event. It denotes that it's a matter of

time. But don't allow time to become your enemy, making you feel

impatient and frustrated.  Learn how to effectively manage your time by setting

goals. Goals are points of completion. Goal setting is the motivation for



Remember, you can do this. There WILL be challenges. (sometimes

spirit, soul AND body). You WILL have opposition, and you WILL face

disappointments. But, in the words of General MacArthur, "Never give up...

never, never ever give up!"


The Word of God says: 'But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto

his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, will make you

perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.' 1Peter 5:10




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