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     New Beginnings

                  Street Crusades!

We believe that there is a harvest that's right outside the walls of churches everywhere.  Our mandate is to come into the house of the LORD... but then GO into the highways and byways and compel men, women, boys and girls to come to the saving arms of Jesus Christ!


There are so many hurting, addicted, lonely and lost people that will never come to our churches, so we, the church must go to the people.  We have been equipped with the Spirit and the Word of GOD to do battle and to BIRTH the called into the Kingdom.  


To often we become complacent and stagnant with church and never develop enough passion for souls to be an effective agent of transformation in the lives of others.  Arent' you hungry to see the bound and oppressed set free? So are we!  


We leave you with the words of Thomas Aquinas 'Preach the Gospel, and use words if you have to!'


     We are coming to the Streets AGAIN!



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