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The purpose of CODA Institute of Training is to provide avenues of empowerment and education. We are living in a time when more and more people recognize the need to understand the Word of God... and the God of the Word. This spiritual awakening is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, and CITS has developed courses of relevant studies for these relevant times. We are preparing 'Ministries for the Marketplace!'  We use the term ‘marketplace’ because it is the biblical definition of the secular business world.  It is where global decisions are made and laws are established. It is where commerce is developed and lifestyles are determined. God is positioning His people to stand strong and stretch into every area of life that He may place the government firmly upon the shoulders of the Body of Christ!  The Kingdom Has Come!       


                                   Experienced in Ministry... Educated in Marketplace!  

CITS offers you:


  • An opportunity to be trained for ministry.

  • Teachers that are anointed and skilled in their areas of expertise.

  • A school where knowledge, character, and spiritual gifts are equally taught.

  • A program with no denominational ties. 

  • A program that provides education and empowerment. 



Exciting and Informative subjects such as:



Conquering The Sin Nature


Thanatology and the Grieving Process

Overcoming Ministry vs. Career Challenges 

Parenting God’s Way 

The Holy Spirit

Prophets & Prophecy

Character Building - How to Produce the Fruit of the Spirit

Anger Management 

Kingdom Warfare

The Business of Ministry

Effectual Prayer

Old and New Testament Surveys




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