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      Destined From Eden


Destined from Eden is an exciting auxiliary for our couples.  The mission of Destined From Eden is to heal, restore, encourage and help build up marriages and families where they have been torn down; and to help couples that are living outside the bonds of matrimony make the next step to a loving marriage.


Destined From Eden was given as a vision to bring marriages back to the original plan of God that was implemented in the Garden of Eden.  Our goal is to teach couples that putting God as head of their marriage, with fasting, prayer, and dating, will greatly strengthen their union.


The Bible states that 'a man should leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife'...we believe that a man, given the proper tools and information, will be able to develop a vision and a plan for his family. The husband and wife should be naked, honest, and open before one another. As a result, their love, trust, communication, and family values will become stronger. 


The man is normally the primary protector and provider for his family, God took her from the rib of the man, and just as the ribs protect vital organs in the body, so the man is to protect the woman and his family. When the man takes his place, the woman will learn to take her place as protector and provider in the home. 


ONE Flesh!

Pastor David & Minister Kim Jones

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